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Design2Fab Sheet Metal & HVAC Software BobCAD-CAM
Torchmate CAD Software Module Torchmate Driver Software Module Rhino 3D Modeling Software...


The Torchmate CAD program was developed specifically to create shapes for cutting. It contains every feature needed, including dxf importation, conversion of scanned shapes, full automatic nesting, automatic kerf compensation, automatic lead-ins and lead-outs, & much more. Torchmate´s standard driver software is included with all Torchmate systems.



This is the software that runs your Torchmate machine. It is not compatible with other systems. The program automatically converts imported dxf files into G-Code for cutting. You have full control over cutting speed while cutting. On-screen torch path simulation occurs in real time while cutting. A digital read-out tells you where the torch is in inches or metric units at all times. Click on the small image at right for full details.


Use this program´s library of HVAC duct fittings to create flattened shapes that can be sized and customized to fit your job. Torchmate´s CAD software (sold separately) then duplicates the shapes in the desired quantity, arranges them on the sheet, adjusts for kerf width, etc., prior to cutting via Torchmate´s driver software.


Create digital 3-D models of your projects before you start the actual fabrication process. All parts fit together just as they would in a physical model. It is possible to rotate the model, zoom in to see the finest detail, and view its components in layers that can be peeled-back one at a time. It is often almost impossible to tell a 3-D model from the real thing.

BobCAD-CAM 3-D ROUTING & MILLING SOFTWARE:In addition to being a full-blown computer assisted design (CAD) program, BobCAD renders 2-D images into three dimensional shapes. It then generates G-Code to create the 3-D pieces with Torchmate´s automated Z-axis in conjunction with a router, roto-ZIP tool, engraver, etc.

Torchmate CAD Software Module Torchmate Driver Software Module Rhino 3D Modeling Software Design2Fab Sheet Metal & HVAC Software BobCAD-CAM 3D Design Software


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